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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

"God shall exempt me from calamites" corp member writes days to his tragic death

A corp member serving in Gombe state has died after getting involved in a car accident on his way to his home in Jalingo. Rimam Nuhu Kwabche who graduated from Taraba State University where he Studied History and Archaeology, had been hale and hearty just days before his death and was very active on Social media. 

What makes Rimam's death even more tragic is the post he shared on Facebook just days before his death, expressing his total reliance on God.
"God is my Sufficiency, not the government (NYSC), and not my parents. In the land of famine, I shall be greatly satisfied, God shall exempt me from calamities, Users and wasters of destiny. I am not offended in God @ all. #GombeCorper #GodofMyBeautifulExperience #AjewelIntheSavannah" he wrote before embarking on the journey that cost him his life. 
Judging from the tributes pouring into Rimam's Facebook page from friends of all tribes, it is evident that he was a vivacious young man loved by most. Previous posts shared by him on Facebook also show that he was full of life and very friendly. 

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