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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

He Asked for a Second Round and I Said No - Lady Who Wants to Break-up with Her Lover Speaks Out

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Flamboyant relationship consultant and socialite, Joro Olumofin, has shared the story of a lady who needs help as she wants to break-up with her man over rounds of s*x. Popular Lagos-based Psychologist and Relationship therapist, Joro Olumofin, has taken to his Instagram blog page and shared the story of a lady who is on the verge of breaking-up with her boyfriend.
According to her, after she visited a guy who had spent months toasting her, one thing led to another and they made sweet love which she described as mind-blowing. 
She's crying out for help after she said the guy who had said that her p*ssy was fire, demanded for a second round of s*x which didn't go down well with her, and after much persuasion, she agreed, and now she's fed up with the relationship.
Here's the e-mail she sent to the Love Doctor;

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