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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Horror: Catholic Priest Stabbed in His Neck While Saying Mass in Front of His Church Congregation

The suspect, kneeling on the cathedral floor, after his arrest
A Catholic priest has been brutally attacked and stabbed in his neck while saying mass in front of his congregation. Father Miguel Angel Machorro, a Mexican priest has been hospital after being stabbed during Mass in Mexico City's cathedral.
According to BBC, Father Miguel Angel Machorro is said to be in "delicate but stable" condition after Monday evening's attack, according to government and ecclesiastical sources.
A suspect, who was reportedly detained on site as he tried to flee, told law enforcement officials he was a North American artist.
His identity has not been confirmed.
The assault left the priest lying on the ground, with blood soaking his clothes.
Inside the Metropolitan Cathedral, where Father Machorro was attacked
He was stabbed in the neck, and some witnesses said it seemed to be an attempt to cut his throat, said La Jornada newspaper.
At a news conference, the lawyer of the archdiocese, Armando Martínez, told people to pray for Father Machorro.
"We cannot talk about terrorism, we cannot talk about motives because we obviously have no significant facts," he said.
Mexico's Metropolitan Cathedral, situated on the main El Zocalo plaza, is the largest cathedral in the Americas.

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