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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Huawei Phone Explodes Barely One Month After Purchase (See Photo)

The phone that exploded just a month after it was bought
A man has claimed that the phone he bought just a month ago suddenly exploded after it's flashlight refused to switch off. An Instagram user, @badboigeezy took to the social media platform and narrated how the Huawei phone he bought exploded just a month after purchase. 
He said the phone suddenly kept its flashlight on and before that could be tackled, the phone exploded.

"May God save us from this new phones they are producing o, my sister just got this huawei android last month, and today we noticed the flash light was on, we tried to off the flash, we did everything we could, all proved abortive and not less than five minutes, the phone exploded. Thank God no one got injured!!!," Badboigeezy wrote.

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