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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Irish beach reappears 33 years after being washed away

A beach that was washed away by storms more than 30 years ago has reappeared off the west coast of Ireland.  The beach vanished in the winter of 1984, leaving nothing but bare rock and rock pools. But over the course of a few days in April 2017 the Atlantic returned what it had stolen, depositing thousands of tons of sand and creating
a brand new 300-meter golden strand. 
According to Sean Molloy of Achill Tourism, the storms of 1984;"completely took every last grain of sand off the beach,.but last month, "in the space of about eight or 10 days, these very strong winds came from the north. Apparently what that does is, it blows the surface water back, because this is a south-facing beach. The sea then takes the sands underneath and brings the sands up. That's what I've been told."

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