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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Mathew Mensah writes on the beautiful SA woman murdered by her boyfriend.

Ghanaian born philanthropist and PR Guru, Mathew Mensah has spoken up against domestic violence especially against women in Africa following the tragic death of South African woman. Mensah, who is based in South Africa took to Instagram to share more details about Karabo Mokoena, who was murdered and burnt by her boyfriend in Sandston.

"What sad news to wake up to; This beautiful young lady, killed in her prime by her Ex Bf who had a history of beating her.
killed in a luxury apartment building in Sandton then taken away & burnt by the same Animal who proceeded to then pretend to help the family look for her. Only 2 weeks ago she came to me for support on setting up her NGO telling me she'd had some terrible experiences with Men & wanted peace & happiness in her life & try help less privileged girls. She didnt get happiness but I pray she will get peace now. Rest in Peace Dear Karabo. Such a kind & genuine soul. .AFRICA when is it time we talk about domestic violence ?? # Ladies No amount of money, fast cars, Champagne at clubs, fancy bags are worth getting beaten, misused & worse. The moment Your Man puts a hand on you its time to leave.. before it gets too late."

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