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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Photos: Murderer caught breaking out of jail dressed as a woman

Francisco Herrera Argueta, a convicted murderer who attempted to sneak out of a Honduras jail on Wednesday by disguising himself as a woman was caught after prison officials noticed he was 'walking funny' and 'speaking in a man's voice'.

The 55-year-old was said to have pretended to be a female visitor, Jacinta Elvira Araujo, wearing a long skirt, wig, fake breasts, blusher and painted his nails pink as he tried to escape from the prison during visiting hours.
But the murderer who obviously forgot to rehearse on his walking steps and voice was caught at the jail's exit.

According to Police spokesman, Bayron Sauceda, he said officers noticed the 'funny walks' when Argueta struggled to move in high heels and was caught when she spoke in a man's voice after a prison officer asked for her identification number.

However, the Prison officials are now contemplating to transfer him from San Pedro Sula jail to the notorious El Pozo jail in Santa Barbara, known as Honduras' most dangerous prison.

Argueta, a gang leader known as Don Chico, has been at the jail since September 2015. He was charged with murder and firearms offences.

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