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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Photos: Two Nigerian men killed in South Africa

Two Nigerian men, Ernest Ughakwesili, 42 and Chimezie Oranusi, 26, both form Anambra state, have been murdered by some unknown gunmen in South Africa.

According to reports, both men were killed in Western Cape province in South Africa. Ernest was shot at close range at a night club in Strand Area of Cape Town on Sunday May 7th.

He was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead on arrival. 26 year old Chima on the other hand, was shot dead at the Delst area of Cape Town while in the car of his South African friend. He died on the spot while his friend is in a critical condition in a South African hospital.

Chairman of the Nigeria Union in South Africa who confirmed their deaths, said both cases have been reported to the police and the Nigeria High Commission in South Africa. Meanwhile friends of the deceased men have taken to social media to pay tribute. One of Ernest's friend, Chima Mrfive Okeke, wrote

"ERNEST UGHA ,MY LITTLE BROTHER'S BEST MAN-ANOTHER VICTIM OF SOUTH AFRICAN'S XENOPHOBIC KILLING. The only eyes of his mother,Ernest left the shores of Nigeria for a greener pasture in south Africa.His crime was his struggles to survive.. Now he is cold dead..shot by the same people we fought for their independence.. Oscar, as he was popularly called was not only an indigene of Nkpor, he was a family,my little brother's best man.what a great lost..I feel deeply pained in my heart.nothing is as bad as being hated in your country and outside your country. May the soul of Oscar rest in peace..I pray his aged mother survives shock".

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