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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Photos: Young widow devastated after 'mysterious' fire destroys her properties right in front of her new apartment

According to Ettu Mohammed, the incident happened Sunday evening at Santos Estate, Lagos. Read his post below:

"What my eye saw this evening is beyond me.

Right inside the Estate where I live a new tenant somewhere inside the Estate just arrived to move into her new apartment. Guess what where the truck that conveyed their properties got burnt right in front of the new apartment.
Efforts to put the fire off was capital zero. The flame just kept increasing.
Everything got burnt to ashes except the truck.
This woman is a widow not more than 30yrs from her look.,she decided to leave her old apartment for a new life and now this.
The only advise I think I have is she should pray harder.
I didn't see any gas cylinder nor stove or anything that created such a huge flame and the truck is still working as I write.
No one can console her as I speak as everyone is mute even her new landlord.


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