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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Photos/video: Thai Police arrest tourist caught on camera having s*x on the beach in broad daylight

A man whose roadside coupling on Samui became the subject of an online s*x clip was made to apologize to reporters and the public on camera after being arrested and fined by police on Tuesday, May 9th. The police are still looking for this partner.
Pons Crespo Arnau, 28, of Spain, admitted to being the man in the viral video that appeared to show him having sex in broad daylight along a beach road on Monday

The clip was originally uploaded to Facebook on Monday but has since been deleted but not before downloads and copies were made. In the video, the couple appear to copulate under the morning sun on a public sidewalk as humans and street dogs look on. It was said to have been filmed at about 8:30am at a seaside road at Nathon Beach. 
The video drew massive criticism on social media, where many expressed their disgust and urged the police to take action. The Koh Samui police commander said they checked with nearby hotels and were convinced the man in Monday’s incident was a Spaniard who had just checked into the Grand Sea View Hotel at midnight the night before.

He was not there when they went to investigate. Police said they found his friend, who had booked the room for the two to share. After talking to his mate, Paithoon said police assumed the man didn’t want to bother his friend when he came back with a woman in the morning, so he took her out to the beach instead.

Arnau was finally arrested at the hotel. According to him, he just met the woman, who he said was Russian on Sunday night. They drank until morning before going to the beach. Police are still looking for the woman.

The Spaniard was fined 500 baht for public obscenity and made to apologise. 
"I am so sorry for everybody in Thailand," he said, making a wai gesture, to a reporter who followed him out of the police station. “I know it’s not good, but I drank too much."
“Kho tod kab,” Arnau repeated as instructed by a reporter to say. “ I respect you. I like you. I love you. Sorry for this"
Watch via the link below...


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