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Saturday, 20 May 2017

See the Married Female Teacher Who Sent N*ked Photos to 8 Schoolboys and Had S*x With 8 of Them (Photo)

Ontario teacher Jaclyn McLaren (left) arrives with her lawyer Pieter Kort at a courthouse in Belleville
A married female school teacher who had the nerve to sleep with her students after seducing them with n*de photos, has been punished adequately. Jaclyn McLaren, a female school teacher in Canada who cheated on her husband by sleeping with three of her pupils has been jailed.
According to Toronto Star, Jaclyn McLaren, 36, had a threesome with two of them and also sent nude selfies to several teenagers.
The “predator” originally faced 42 charges involving eight boys as young as 13 - six of them her students.
McLaren pleaded guilty to seven s*x-related charges and was locked up for two years on Friday.
She must register as a s*x offender for the rest of her life and have “s*xual treatment.”
McLaren, who will be on two years probation after her release, was banned from having any contact with the victims and families and using any social media.
She will also not be allowed near playgrounds or public places where children could be present for 10 years after she leaves jail.
The court heard how McLaren had intercourse with three of the youngsters while teaching them French.
McLaren pleaded guilty to s*xual exploitation, luring, possessing child porn and making explicit material available to minors.

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