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Friday, 2 June 2017

Expensive Joke: You Won't Believe What Happened After a Man Said His Wife Was Carrying a Bomb in Airport

File photo: Munich airport
A man who had the nerve to crack an expensive joke about his wife carrying a bomb in her bag at an airport, has regretted the move. An Indian man has regretted joking that his wife was carrying a bomb in her bag, NAN reports.
According to the Police on Friday, they sent Indian father of family of eight back home for cracking the rather expensive joke that is wife was in possession of a bomb at Munich Airport.
The family of eight was flying from Mumbai to Budapest via Munich on Thursday.
Police said that as a routine explosives test was conducted on the wife, her husband said several times she was carrying a bomb.
The 42-year-old told later told police that he was only making a joke, but by then it was too late.
He was put on a plane back to India while the rest of his family was allowed to continue with their journey.
In addition, he was given notice for disturbing the peace, of the people and by threatening a criminal offence.

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