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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Hausas' Evacuation Notice to Igbos: See What Some Northern Youths Are Saying Online

Biafran agitators (File photo)
Some northern youths have stormed major social media platforms over the order issued by Arewa and other northern groups for Igbos to relocated from the region. One thing is certain: the order issued by some northern groups has caused more disharmony than was before. But, it seems like all northerners are not happy with the announcement as many have come on social media to kick against it saying it is politically motivated and capable of causing another war.
One Usman Bello called the order total 'madness'. Bello said he will willingly protect the Igbos if the people issuing the threats go ahead with their foolish threat.

"Madness at its peak!

My house is open to any Igbo who is in need of safety from stupid godless killers!

There are still good people on earth." he wrote.
Another northerner, Ibrahim-dada Disu added: "Whichever groups that called for Igbos to leave should be arrested by the authorities. The Igbos had never at anytime directed any ethnic groups to leave their region. They have the right to self determination just like any group and it's for the rest region to persuade them not threatening them. The North is not Nigeria."
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