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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Tragic! 6 Killed, Scores Injured in London Terror Attack (Photos)

6 people were killed and 48 injured after a van drove into pedestrians on London Bridge and the attackers stabbed passers-by in Borough Market just after 10pm on Saturday. The UK has suffered its second terrorist attack in less than two weeks, leaving six innocent people dead and at least 48 injured after a band of assailants in a van mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge before attacking others with knives in a crowded nearby market area.

Three attackers involved in the assault were shot dead, police said in a statement shortly before 4am London time, around six hours after the incident began on the bridge and ended at Borough Market, a popular restaurant and bar area on the south side of the Thames river.

One of the attackers shot dead on the floor
The attacks came less than a fortnight after Salman Abedi, a suicide bomber, killed himself and 22 others in an explosion following a concert at the Manchester Arena on May 22. They also come less than a week before the UK’s general election on Thursday and less than three months after a terror attack on Westminster bridge.

Police said they believed that there were only three assailants involved in the attack but still had to make more inquiries to be sure of that.

Three assailants stabbed people at random after smashing into pedestrians in a van Saturday, killing six in a “terrorist” attack in central London before armed officers shot all three dead.

As they rampaged through a busy night-life hub around London Bridge, the trio wore what looked like suicide vests which turned out to be “hoaxes”, said Mark Rowley, head of counter-terrorism policing.

More than 30 casualties were rushed to hospitals in the area, according to the London Ambulance Service.

The attack came just five days ahead of a general election and just minutes after the end of the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Juventus in an area teeming with bars where many fans were watching the football on television.

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