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Saturday, 6 May 2017

Brutal road rage fight caught in dashcam (photos/video)

A brutal fight between road users was recorded on the dashboard camera of a car behind them and uploaded online. The dashcam footage shows the moment a man came out of his car to fight occupants of another car, but he did not expect what will happen to him next.

The man got out of his car, opened his trunk to get out something that looks like a bat. It is not clear what got him riled up. He proceeded to head towards the other car where he shouted at the occupants then hit the car with the object in his hand. Suddenly, the door of the passenger side of the car opened and a man rushed towards the one holding the bat. Just with one push, he threw him into the bush by the side of the road and the man seemed unconscious for the rest of the video.

Another man came out of the first car to fight for his friend who had been pushed into the bush but he was beaten too after a long scuffle. Voices from the car recording the fight can be heard calling the police and requesting for them to respond with an ambulance.

See the video below...


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