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Wednesday 28 October 2015

Beyonce writes an ode to Nicki Minaj crowning her the Queen of Rap

Lil Kim, Missy Elliot won't like this but whether they like it or not, Queen Bey has spoken. In a ideoposted two days ago by Beyonce, the singer sang a song for the rapper, praising her rap skills and describing how they meet in a cover of Prince's 1984 cut, 'Darling Nikki'
"I met this girl named Nicki, I guess you could say she was the rap queen / I met her in the studio lobby but her booty looked bigger in the magazines / She said, 'B will you jump on this song of mine?' / How could I resist when I heard little Nicki rhyme" Beyonce sang before she broke into tiny giggles.
Nikki shared the video and wrote; "Bey has spoken, "#RapQueen, #QueenBey, #BayBey. Still have the #Tidal. Kisses to all my queens.". Listen to the song after the cut...


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