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Wednesday 28 October 2015

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs held 10-man sex orgy at his mansion

Marc Jacobs has hit back at a guest who claimed he hosted a ten-man orgy insisting it was 'mild' not 'wild'. The openly gay fashion designer took to Instagram to say he has quit the gay dating app Grindr after the claims were published. The single 52-year-old is said to have held an all-male party over the weekend after sending guests topless pictures of himself, it was reported.

A source, who claims to have attended the orgy spoke to New York Post anonymously and said all the guys who came were 'in their 20s.’

 Referring to the New York Post’s publication about him, Jacobs said;
‘To whichever guest benefitted from calling this misinformation into the Post, I only wish you good health, happiness, and a long life to enjoy taking advantage of the kindness of strangers and talking s*** about others. #reallyqueen?'
The New York-born designer announced he was leaving Grindr, telling followers:
'Goodbye (for now) Grindr! It was fun for "group" get togethers, but, what really excites me is my work!' he added 'Yup. I'm gay. Sometimes I enjoy sex. Sometimes! #stillonlyhuman #callmemarc #yourstotry...maybe.'

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