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Wednesday 28 October 2015

Injured deer wanders into Rochester hospital emergency department

Emergency room employees at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York, were shocked when an injured deer entered the hospital on Monday afternoon.
The deer arrived just as an ambulance crew was taking in a patient, according to TWCNews.com.
The deer managed to get in about 20 feet into the ER before security corralled it, strapped it to a stretcher, and carried it out.
Jim DeFerio said he saw the whole event as he was being wheeled around the hospital hours after having a hearth attack.
He said:
"I turned around and there was a deer I would say about 3 feet high, a small deer, and he ran past me," DeFerio told WHAM TV from his hospital bed. "It ran right by me slipping as it went and everybody kind of moved aside. What are you going to do? You see a deer coming down fast, so everybody moves."

Teresa Hill, an administrator at the Medical Center, said that the deer hit the car that her daughter, Carly, was driving.
The deer "literally popped out of nowhere almost from the cemetery -- and struck her car," Hill said. "It happened right in front of the emergency entrance so she pulled in and got out of the car."
The daughter suffered a sore neck and the car's headlight was broken.
An officer for the Monroe County Animal Control Dept. had to euthanize the deer. Awww...

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