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Tuesday 27 October 2015

Lepacious Bose releases stunning new photos

Ace female comedian Lepacious Bose decides to stun us with a surprisingly great photo shoot. In recent
times, Bosede Olufunke Ogunboye aka Lepacious Bose has been generating good publicity with her amazing weight loss. The "before and after pictures" which are all over the Internet has everybody spilling their opinions. Most Nigerians are supportive of her resolve to lose weight.

In her words "being a professional comedian allows me turn anything into a joke and I often used my weight as a joke but this weight loss journey isn't a joke, I still want to come down a few sizes more and I am determined, working very hard at it. The health benefits come first and if I can be honest, I actually feel better. I carry myself better now because carrying all that weight around was equivilent to me carrying three bags of rice which i didn't realise until the load was dropped...Talk about my burden becoming lighter. Lol. The only problem is I have to buy new clothes with every size I lose...and that's very expensive, everytine I need to go out I panic because suddenly everything is now too big, its a new and strange experience for me, because everything used to be too small and tight lol"

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