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Thursday 22 October 2015

PDP cannot disqualify Amaechi based on triviality- Senator Ndume

Senate Leader Mohammed Ali Ndume has said that the petitions brought against Rotimi Amaechi through the three PDP senators from his homestate, Rivers state, cannot stop his screening and confirmation as a minister because the petitions are based on triviality. He said Amaechi remains innocent until he is proven guilty by any competent court in Nigeria. Ndume said this while speaking to newsmen in Abuja yesterday October 21st
 “I don’t know; it is the Ethics and Privileges (Committee). But let me add that the Ethics and Privileges report is not the determinant in Amaechi’s matter. It is the Senate. Even if they write their report, it has to be laid before the Senate, which will decide on the report. It is not the report that will decide Amaechi’s fate.
Whatever the committee recommends to the Senate, it is the Senate that will decide. I have told Nigerians several times that this Senate belongs to the APC. We have PDP senators that are in the minority. We are practising democracy in a changed environment. That is to allow the minorities to have their say. But you know that the majority will always have its way. We have 58 senators, the Senate President excluded, and they have 48 senators. And Amaechi is an APC candidate and the constitution is very clear. Until there is conviction, you are considered innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt by a competent court of law. Unfortunately, you cannot confirm or disqualify Amaechi. We are the only ones that can do that. And PDP cannot disqualify Amaechi based on triviality. It must be based on constitutionality”he said

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