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Tuesday 20 October 2015

Photos of Albino children whose limbs were chopped off and used for charms

Emmanuel Festo Rutema,13, Baraka Lusambo, 5, and Mwigulu Matonage Magesa, 12, are among some of the Albino children who had their limbs and fingers chopped off in brutal attacks in Tanzania. Emmanuel’s attackers, wielding machetes and hammers, chopped off his arm and the fingers on his other hand before trying to extract his tongue and teeth.

He spent five months recovering and now has a severe speech impediment.

Five-year-old Baraka Lusambo's father is accused of involvement in his attack six months ago and is under arrest in Tanzania. Canada-based charity, Under The Same Sun brought the young victims to New York to recover from their ordeals and experience some of the normality of childhood.


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