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Friday 30 October 2015

Photos of beauty queen saying 'thank you' to her mum will melt your heart

Khanittha 'Mint' Phaesang won the much coveted Miss Uncensored News Thailand and her first port of call was home, to go thank her mother for everything she had done for her. She was pictured kneeling near a row of wheelie bins in front of her mother.

The incredible picture shows Mint, 17, after she returned to her home in Amin, Thailand, decked out in her pageant gear which included a sparkling tiara and silk sash, along with impressively high golden heels and touching her mum's legs as she got on her knees by the rubbish which her mum makes a living from collecting and recycling.

In Mint's culture, kneeling in gratitude is the highest form of respect, and Mint said that she was never ashamed of working with her mum, who raised her alone, in the rubbish .

Khanittha said : "What I have today is because of my mother. She and I make a living by doing honest work, so there is no reason why I should feel inferior."

Thanks to the win, Mint has lined up work as a model for advertisements and acting, but she says her mum is unchanged by her success.
"The family will continue to be scavengers. My mother will still go and sort garbage and is not willing to let me help."

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