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Monday 26 October 2015

Police arrests man found with hundreds of worn bras and panties

A 32 year old panties pervert used a home-made fishing rod to steal hundreds of pairs of worn underwear from unsuspecting women.
The deviant would cast his rod into the homes and gardens of women and attempt to catch a their underwear.
After snaring a bra or panties he would then reel in his "catch" before pocketing them and running away.

The man, known only by his last name Zhang, was finally caught after being stopped by police during a routine vehicle check in the eastern Chinese city of Liyang last month.

As officers flung open the doors of his van, they were stunned to discover a seedy haul of 285 bras and 185 panties - all worn. He was also found to have pilfered a further 102 items of clothing and later admitted he had collected the items over a three year period.

According to reports in China, Zhang told officers he had started by simply taking one or two items but soon became unable to control himself.
As his lust for used lingerie grew he took greater risks and created his "fishing rod" to help him swipe even more unmentionables.
Police said the man has been sent for psychiatric assessment and that a criminal investigaiton has been opened.
The incident is the latest in a number of cases where men have been caught stealing hundreds of pairs of women's underwear.

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