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Friday 30 October 2015

see what a customer did for a student who lost her camera

Brittany Jackson was in the process of paying her parents back for school, she was also paying rent, bills, and trying to save for a cruise. So when the $800 camera that she used for school was stolen, she was obviously devastated.
To help pay for her schooling and associated costs, Brittany works as a waitress. A week after the camera was stolen, one of her customers asked her whether she had taken any pictures that week.

Brittany was impressed that a customer, whom she had served two or three times tops, had remembered that she took photos. Immediately, she broke down.
“I said no then proceeded to tell him about it being stolen and all this stuff I need to pay for in 2 weeks and how I’ve been so overwhelmed and stressed,” she explains.
What he did next made her break down, she started crying when she saw what he had left behind when he signed his check, Brittany said she felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. The customer had left a $500 tip on his $10.73 bill.

On the receipt, the customer wrote:
“To help you graduate. Good luck.”
She notes that this little miracle may have something to do with the way she treats others.
“This is why I treat people how I do,” she explains. “I’m not above anyone, I’m not better than anyone, and I treat people how I would like to be treated; with respect.”
Because of this kind customer, her faith has been restored, and she is happier than she’s been in weeks. And it just goes to show that sometimes these small, thoughtful actions can mean more to someone than you’ll ever know.

Source: FB

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