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Friday 30 October 2015

Sweet Love between World's Richest Man Bill Gates & His Wife

The beautiful wife of the world's richest man, Melinda Gates, does not press her husband to take her to one of the 7-Star hotels in Dubai or Paris. She understands that flaunting wealth is not the essence of life! Rather, while on private vacation, they go to a locality (waterside) where they can enjoy a canoe ride.

But in our Naija, even man wey get only N5m for account, madam go say "we must go on vacation to a place where I can take pictures and show off on Instagram and Facebook". Funny enough, it's men like your husband that created those social media platforms and they are making Billions from the pictures and updates you are posting. Wise women, learn to encourage you man to build a real life!

Below is how Melinda celebrated her husband, Bill Gates, on his birthday...
When Bill first asked me out, he said, “I was thinking maybe we could go out two weeks from tonight.” I told him he wasn’t spontaneous enough for me. 
So he called me an hour later to suggest we get together that night. He asked: “Is that spontaneous enough for you?” 
Bill, after two amazing decades together, your humor, drive, intelligence, curiosity, thoughtfulness, optimism – and, yes, your spontaneity – are as wonderful as ever. On land, at sea, and everywhere in between, I’m glad you’re by my side. 
Happy, happy birthday.

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