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Wednesday 28 October 2015

Video shows woman pretending to be drunk in broad daylight to see how men react... and what they do will shock you

The clip shows the scantily-clad actress drinking beer at 5.30pm in the buzzing city of Madrid, Spain. A steady stream of men begin approaching her, but rather than offering to help her, they suggest drinking more alcohol and some attempt to get intimate with her. 

One man, top left, suggests they return to his hotel and drink more beer. Another group of men, move in on the woman and heckle her, one man wraps his arms intimately around her, and another, asks if it's the first time she has drunk before suggesting they go and sit in a stairwell. Perhaps the most shocking moment comes when a man spots the woman waiting alone. After asking her name and calling her 'beautiful', he leads her down a quiet alleyway and pins her against the wall and attempts to kiss her several times. See the photos after the cut...

One of her colleagues has to intervene and break up the couple but the man claims he knows her and isn't keen to let her go. Her colleague manages to free the woman from the man's grip and leads her to safety. He can be heard in the microphone saying: 'Don't let anyone touch you.' 

The next man that approaches asks her: 'Is this the first time you have gotten drunk?', to which she answers: 'I never drink.' 
The man then suggests the pair go and sit in a stairwell - because if she doesn't sit, he claims she will fall over.

He then links arms with her and attempts to lead her away saying: 'Come on, give me your hand', before she manages to break free. 
The next duo to spot the woman, approach her, and suggest drinking more alcohol.

They also tell her she can charge her phone at their hotel and then invite her friends to join the party. 'Afterwards, we will call your friends and introduce them to me,' says one man, before calling the woman 'beautiful.' 
Another passer by puts his arm around the woman and asks her if she is married. When she tells the man: 'I don't know where I am', he replies: 'I have an iPhone charger at the hotel.' 

Despite the woman falling into him and telling him she 'feels bad' and 'can't walk', he goes on to state he is buying more beer for her. 
'Even more beer? Do you think I can drink more?', she asks. 'Yes,' he replies as he takes her hand and assures her that he will drink with her.  

The director of the video returns to the screen at the end of the video and concludes: 'Most of you are probably surprised and some of you also disgusted and maybe you are thinking that we have avoided some scenes favouring the most "juicy" parts, but I am afraid to deceive you. 

'It really was the opposite. Those situations full of rudeness and physical abuse were taken away because there is no need to show it in such depth. 
'The most disappointing fact is that we had no need to edit the video. Why? Because nobody got close to helping this drunken woman.' 

Culled from UK Daily Mail

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