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Thursday 22 October 2015

Woman who gave birth aboard a Chinese flight faces paying £21,000 to the airline

Remember the woman who gave birth on a plane a China Airlines flight from Taipei to Los Angeles? Well, she is to be prosecuted by the airline. Airport bosses claim she was breaking regulations by not telling them she was 36 weeks pregnant.

The new mum, who has not be named went into labour while on board. The flight had to land in Anchorage, Alaska, so the woman could get medical treatment and be sent to a hospital.

It is claimed the mum wanted her child to be born in the US so they would qualify for automatic citizenship.

Minister of Transport and Communications Chen Jian-yu (the government owns most of the airlines in China) said the diversion and extra costs incurred came to more than £21,000 and the company wants her to pay it back.

The poor woman was deported and returned to Taiwan while her baby is in the care of a friend in the US.

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