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Friday 23 October 2015

Woman who lost her family in car crash has amnesia

Ivelisse Martinez, 27, survived a seven car pile up which killed her husband, Jose  Vargas Rosario, 35 and their toddler son Brayden Vargas, but she has been left with amnesia as she can't remember who they are or if she ever had a family. An elderly woman's car ploughed into their stationary vehicle at Altamonte springs, Florida, killing her son and husband and leaving her with serious injuries.

When she was given the devastating news in hospital, she said she could not recall having a baby and was not sure she was married. 'She was informed of the passing of her husband and her son. She does not remember the crash, and at that time did not remember the family members either,' Altamonte Springs Police Lieutenant Rob Pelton said.

Temporary amnesia can be triggered by serious brain injuries - often caused in car crashes - as well as by psychological damage. Sufferers usually regain their memory after a few days, however this recovery can take months. Some people never fully regain their memory. One can only imaging her agony when she comes around.

Police said a car driven by Cyndia Guthrie, 75, collided with vehicles waiting at a red light last Friday morning. Investigators said the woman did not apply her brakes before she slammed into the back of the family's gold Kia.

Officers are not yet sure why the woman failed to stop. No charges have been filed at this stage.

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