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Friday 13 November 2015

Eva on relationships: "My dog is my current best friend."

Well, you may want to listen to Nigeria’s Rap Diva, Eva on relationships. In one of those straight from the heart momentsshe opened up on Coke Tale, a segment of Coke Studio Season 3, Episode 3.It was truly vintage Eva as she spills it all out. Explaining that she’s done a lot of failing in the past, but that’s not something to dwell on - as it makes one get a better view ahead.

She cited failed relationship - something that resonates with girls - as one of those things that comes and goes. Giving a word of advice, she said: “You can't exactly be with the person you're supposed to be with, until you become the person you're supposed to be by yourself. Relationships are stupid sometimes, sometimes! But, I'm a lover, I love to love, I will love again, one day. Not today, right now, I'm loving only one person, and that's my dog: Frankie. 

Even if you’ve lived in a hole these past weeks, you already know that Coke Studio is the new excitement on the music scene. Each episode offers much more than the riveting music, and one-of-a-kind performances. You get correctgist from your favourite artists.

This weekend, don’t miss Episode 6, for more Coke Tales and of course beautiful music from creative Mash Ups with Afro Di’ja joining Hernani Da Silva’ from Mozambique, Eva and Chameleon from Uganda, Olamide and Neyma from Mozambique, Flavour and Juliana from Uganda, and MI and Kenya’s Avril.

You can also give your favourite mash-ups a chance to get on the Coke Studio Africa album, by voting on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the hashtags #songnumber and #cokestudioafrica.

Coke Studio 3 is showing every Sunday on AIT at 6:00pm and Soundcity at 7.30PM, ONTV on Monday at 6.30pm, every Thursday on BCOS at 6:00pm and Nigezie on Friday at 7:00pm.

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