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Wednesday 4 November 2015

Indian man allegedly stole a Nigerian man's penis in Satellite Town (photos)

For those who believe it's possible for someone to steal another person's penis, here's a bizarre story for you with photos... According to the story, an Indian supposed stole the penis of an Okada rider in the Satellite town area of Lagos on Saturday October 31st around 5.30pm. Continue to read the story...

According to the report, the Indian man pictured above came down from a bus heading to Mile 2 and asked an Okada man directions to somewhere in Satellite town. The Okadaman offered to take him to his destination in his bike and on getting to the gate just before Navy town, the Indian man asked the okada man to stop that he'd arrived at his destination. He then paid the okada man more than he asked for for the trip and as he made to leave, the Okadaman discovered his manhood was missing.

He ran after the Indian man and started shouting which attracted the attention of others and his fellow okada riders. They even started beating him without anyone confirming. Na wa! Watch the video below...

Photos and video courtesy Freshkid Entertainment who sent it in.

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