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Friday 20 November 2015

Meet the kids of Africa's 50 Richest

Article as compiled by Forbes writer Nsehe Mfonobong, originally published on Forbes. Read below

Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, Nigeria
Disc Jockey, Music Entrepreneur: Ifeoluwa Otedola goes by the moniker ‘DJ Cuppy’ and is one of Nigeria’s most recognizable disc jockeys and entertainers. She is the daughter of billionaire business man Femi Otedola, who is said to be worth $1.6billion. See the rest after the cut...

Rajiv Ruparelia, Uganda
Director at Ruparelia Group : Rajiv Ruparelia, 25, is the only son of Sudhir Ruparelia, Uganda’s richest man.

Jide AdenugaNigeria
Alcohol entrepreneur: Jide Adenuga, 33, the eldest son of Mike Adenuga, Nigeria’s second richest man

Jonathan Oppenheimer, South Africa
Director, E. Oppenheimer & Sons: Jonathan Oppenheimer, the 45 year-old son of South Africa’s richest man, Nicky Oppenheimer,

Vimal and Tarun ShahKenya
Executives at Bidco Oil: Vimal and Tarun Shah are the sons of Bhimji Depar Shah, the founder of Bidco Oil refineries.

Mhamed ElalamyMorocco
General Manager, Saham Finances: Mhamed Elalamy is the oldest son of Moulay Hafid Elalamy, the founder of Saham Group, a Moroccan conglomerate that owns insurance companies, call centers and medical clinics. The younger Elalamy has a degree in business and commerce from the University of British Columbia and currently serves as a General Manager for Saham Group.

Ahmed Indimi, Nigeria
Director/Head of CrudeMARKETING Department at Oriental Energy Resources 
Indimi’s father, Mohammed Indimi, is the founder of Oriental Energy Resources (OER), one of Nigeria’s largest indigenous upstream oil companies.

Sameer Merali, Kenya
Director, Sameer Group: Kenya’s third richest man, Naushad Merali, named his conglomerate, Sameer Group, after his only son, Sameer Merali.

Abubakar BakhresaTanzania
Executive Director, Bakhresa Group: Easily the most popular son of Said Salim Bakhresa, Tanzania’s reclusive third richest man, the younger Bakhresa is primarily in charge of the wheat procurement and milling businesses of the Bakhresa Group.

Theo DanjumaNigeria 
Artist and art collector
Contemporary art collector Theo Danjuma is a son of Theophilus Danjuma, a retired Nigerian general and oilman.

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