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Monday 16 November 2015

Photos: Charles Okah's daughter set to wed, visits her father in prison

Tarila, the daughter of Charles Okah, the alleged mastermind of the October 1st 2010 bomb blast in Abuja, is set to walk down the aisle with her fiance, Domenico Morrone. She recently took Domenico to see her father at Kuje prison where he blessed their union. Speaking on her meeting with her dad, Tarila said;

"Oh… my goodness (laugh). It was overwhelming, especially for my sister. She is younger, she just turned 18. When we saw him, we just started crying because we saw our father in a totally different light. That is not the man, let me rephrase, that is not the circumstance or the situation anyone wants to see his or her father. That was the first time my fiancĂ© was meeting him as well. That is not the way you want to take your future husband to meet your father. That is not how you want to get your father’s blessing for your marriage. I am seeing him in a completely different light. Deep down inside, I know the man that he is. I know these are trumped up charges. That gives me peace. Obviously, a lot of people have judged him, condemned him even without knowing anything but he is my father and we know him. We know the kind of man that he is. He is jovial. He is a very lovely man. He puts people above him. We are talking about a man who made emergency rescue in the country like it is his mission. A man who will stop people in the middle of the street and tell them you don’t need to have your child in the front seat, move him to the back. A man who was supplying dialysis machine, putting health and concerns of Nigerians above all; a man who took it on himself to save lives in Nigeria, covering a lot of accidents. You now come and accuse such a man of being responsible for a terrorist attack. When we got to the prison and they told us to write his offence as terrorism, I couldn’t."she told the Nation

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