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Monday 16 November 2015

See how this Beauty queen was dethroned in Benue a month to her handover

The management of the Face of Idoma pageant has dethroned the 2014 Miss Idoma Joy Onazi just a month before she was supposed to hand over to the next queen.  A letter signed by the Legal Adviser to
the organisers of the pageant, Agila Social and Economic Carnival, Odang Oche, stated that she was removed from office due to her inability to live up to her duties and responsibilities and also deliberately refusing to adhere to the guidelines set for her by the organisation.

Among the reasons for her dethronement includes:
 -Disobeying laid down rules and regulations of the organisation.
-Dragging the name of the organisation to the mud, thereby opening the organisation to negativity in the public domain.
-Gross abuse of office, thereby undermining the code of conduct that guides the office of the Face of Idoma. -Destroying the official vehicle of the Face of Idoma 2014 due to recklessness on your part, in which lives were lost.
-Travelling outside Makurdi without notification and permission.

The organisers say all efforts to check the former beauty queen's excesses in time past have been fruitless.
“It is worthy to note that all the above mentioned offences have been brought to your notice, some of which softer measures were taken but no positive outcome, thereby necessitating this action” they explained
They also asked the queen to return all property of the organisation in her procession or face litigation. The dethroned beauty queen was suspended a few months ago over allegations of gross misconduct. She was only recently involved in a fatal car crash with her official car in which she knocked down two pedestrians while returning from a humanitarian effort out of Makurdi. The dethroned queen is yet to react to this development.

Source: Benue.com.ng

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