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Saturday 21 November 2015

See the tip a man left a waitress

People have rallied around a waitress that was left a 'disgusting' racist message and no tip on a receipt recently by a diner. The man had a meal by himself at the Bamboo Thai Bistro in Redondo Beach and was served by a Thai waitress, who has a visa to work in the US. When it was time to pay the bill, the man - named on the receipt as Jason Paul Naglich - left nothing, instead writing: 'Tip for U.S. citizens only.' How sad!

Locals have shown out in support of the woman. Someone left a 50 per cent tip in an effort to, in his words, 'make up for the poor attitude of that other gentleman'. Another person also left a $10 bill and a note reading: 'Sorry you had to deal with that sad man.'


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