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Wednesday 18 November 2015

Update on the current Saint Denis shootout between the Police and some suspected terrorists

Some French media outlets are reporting that at least two people have been killed in the event but no official confirmation has come from the French police. One of the 2 killed was a woman who had a suicide vest on which she detonated and the 2nd person was an innocent passerby.
French radio is reporting that the target of the raid was the mastermind of the Paris terror attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud.
 Additional sources claim that Abaaoud and four other accomplices are held up and refusing to surrender.
ABC News is reporting that at least “three truckloads” of French troops are on the scene aiding in the operation with French police.

4 policemen have also been reported injured.

There are about 100 policemen at the scene, lots of soldiers and the French SWAT team, about 7 grenades went off among lots of gunfire.

Buildings have been evacuated, public transportation blocked and schools in the region closed and people adviced to stay indoors.

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