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Saturday 5 December 2015

Adaeze Yobo slams her mum's ex-husband John Fashanu in new instagram post

Adaeze's mum Abigail Igwe was married to former footballer John Fashanu for a few years until things went awry. The couple publicly accused each other of domestic violence, cheating and all sorts. For the first time, Adaeze let's the world know what she really thinks of her ex-step dad. She shared the pic above and wrote;
"#fbf mum's first mag. cover. So many memories came to my mind when i saw this pic. I would have to write a book about you someday cos your life is a big testimony.
This woman gave us everything but her life only cos jesus already did that for us. God loves me so much that he made sure I came to this world through you. You are the reason why I have such a healthy self esteem. I've watched you even in difficult times, no yu never flinch, ive watched you enter places that were difficult to enter with nothing but your faith. "A greater one lives in me" is what you always say. I remember few months ago when a friend of mine sent me a link to what your ex wrote about you in the papers out of nowhere in u.k. you were out shopping, cos you were getting ready to travel bk and get to work after months of omugwo. I was so mad, i called to tell you and you were so shocked but surprisingly, you said "what is oby's U.S shoe size"? �� I was so mad and shocked that the Mr. British scammer tout we let you marry had found a girlfriend and instead of him to just waka peacefully he went to U.K media to say all sorts. I remember I shouted "Mummy im telling you that this idiot you married is talking shit about you and you are here asking for oby's shoe size? And you said "give me oby shoe size nwam needi shoes now". And then you said "my God never allows any sudden bad news except if it is for a reason and I'm up all nightCOMMUNICATING with him (she is literally up every night to pray) so I'm sure he already took care of it so no need for me to rush and read what I can't do much about. So, nyem Oby's shoe size".�� I was calm but still mad, i wanted fire, proof, anything that cld nail him and show what a liar he is. I guess my hormones from post pregy Took its toll on me. You calmed me down and asked me to focus on myself. You still came bk from shopping and cooked your last omugwo food (ukwa��) while I read what he said in the newspaper to you. Abigail, you are the best human on earth. I'm writting this here cos I know you stalk me here and on every blog every single day. �� i love you baby girl. Your good deeds are showing on your face... #thankyouforintroducingmetoyourGod ❤

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