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Thursday 3 December 2015

Multiple victims shot in San Bernardino regional center by 2 or more gunmen who are now on the run

There are several reports of an active shooter(s) in an Inland regional center in San Bernardino, California, that serves the disabled and needy. Eyewitnesses who finally found a way to escape their offices said about 2 gunmen with masks and bullet proof vests walked into their office and started shooting.
Update: The 3 suspects who shot the building have all escaped. They escaped in a black SUV and lefyt a package behind. The Bomb squad is currently on scene.
Someone called the police and luckily policemen who were training around that vicinity responded.
San Bernardino is 60 miles East of Los Angeles.

20 people have reportedly been shot.

The ambulance, fire department, SWAT, FBI are all at the location trying to contain it.

Story is still developing.

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