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Friday 4 December 2015

Pics: See Indian village where parents roll their children in manure in belief it protects them from disease & brings goodluck

See how scared that little girl looks. Inhabitants of the tiny village of Betul in Madhya Pradesh have a really bizarre custom dating back centuries. They dip their children in cow dung in the belief that the 'purity' of the cow dung will bring their children luck and protect them from disease.

The practice is followed a day after Diwali - the biggest Indian celebration, also known as the festival of lights. In the weeks preceding Diwali, people in the village collect cow dung and store it in huge piles. A special prayer is offered to the Hindu Gods on the day of the celebration before people start dipping their children, some still babies, in the pool of dung.

Villagers gather in groups around the dung waiting their turn to dip their children, it continues from dusk till dawn till every child in the village has a go. Villagers say their children have benefited from the centuries old ritual . The cow is considered one of the most sacred animals in Hinduism and they are worshipped as revered creatures. Many Hindu preachers believe that cow urine and dung have medicinal properties. Meanwhile cow slaughter and the consumption of beef is banned in certain parts of India.


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