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Tuesday 8 December 2015

Pilot's license revoked after entertaining ex-porn star in cockpit during a trans-Atlantic flight

Kuwaiti pilot had his license revoked after an investigation followed reports of him entertaining an ex-porn star model and her friend inside the cockpit during a trans-Atlantic flight.

The pilot broke aviation rules and risked the safety of hundreds of passengers when he entertained ex-porn star Chloe Mafia, 24, and her pal on a London to New York flight few months ago. Not only did he invite her into the cockpit , he also let her play with his controls during the flight.
Chloe took photos on the flight deck and claimed in an interview with Daily Star that the married Kuwait Airways pilot plied her and friend with alcohol, sat on her laps, begged to see her boob and smoked two packs of cigarette.

Minister ofCOMMUNICATION and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Issa al-Kanderi told al-Jarida on Monday, December 7, that the pilot was demoted to an assistant level.

Chloe Mafia who is also known as Chloe Khan - is known for her appearances on the UK talent show X-Factor. She was ousted from the program in 2010 following drug and escort work allegations which she vehemently denied.

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