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Thursday 3 December 2015

Swiss police arrest more FIFA officials this morning over alleged bribe

Police in Switzerland this morning arrested two high-ranking FIFA officials on suspicion of 'having received bribes of millions of dollars' in a raid on Baur au Lac, a luxury hotel in Zurich used by world football officials because of it's closeness to the FIFA headquarters. 

This is the second time in this year police have swooped on FIFA officials this year in relation to allegations of collecting bribes in return for sellingMARKETING and publicity rights for tournaments in South America and also World Cup qualifying matches. 

It is believed the two men arrested at 6a.m Thursday morning  are FIFA vice-presidents Alfredo Hawit of Honduras and Juan Angel Napout of Paraguay. 

FIFA'S Executive council's election for a new president will take place in February 2016 as the football world calls for a change in the leadership of football's governing body.

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