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Thursday 19 May 2016

A pregnant Blac Chyna is about done with fiance, Rob?

That is what MediaTakeOut is alleging...Read their report below...
Recent pics taken of Rob Kardashian and Chyna show just how bad their relationship is becoming. And we have more proof than just photographs. One of Chyna’s friends reached out to MediaTakeOut.com to give us the TEA. Here’s what we were told:

Rob doesn’t trust Chyna at all.He thinks she’s going to go out and do drugs, or go drinking with his baby. So he goes everywhere with her. At first it was kind of romantic, but now he just seems crazy.
Chyna is ready to dump him. But she’s no dummy. She’s gonna get a big bag of money from the [E!] networks before she gets rid of him
We can’t even say poor Rob, cause him and that family deserve everything that they’re going to get.

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