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Friday 13 May 2016

Desperate Wife Lands in Hot Soup After Deceiving Husband by Lying that their Baby was Stolen (Photo)

Christine Wanguba was found guilty by the court
A deceptive housewife has landed in trouble after she lied to her husband that their baby was stolen in the hospital. A court has sentenced a desperate Kenyan housewife to eight months imprisonment for accusing a local hospital of stealing the body of her alleged newborn child and lying to the husband.
According to the Nairobian, Christine Nashire Wanguba had claimed that on April 7, a nurse from Pumwani Maternity Hospital stole the body after she developed complications.
However, things took a dramatic turn after the husband decided to report the matter to the police and rushed to hospital to collect the body. On interrogation, the nurse denied the charges.
It was later revealed to the court that Nashire was lying to her husband because she wanted to flee from her violent marriage.
It was also gathered that on different occasions, Wanguba had lied to her husband that she had suffered a miscarriage and when he demanded to pick the body of the baby from hospital, she changed her story.
Medical reports from the hospital revealed that Nashire had not given birth and that she was in fact nine weeks pregnant.
It took police intervention for Wanguba to confess that she was lying and that she wanted to dump her violent hubby.
“I was under pressure since my husband was always asking me about the body of the baby to arrange for burial”, she told court.
She was sentenced to eight months in jail.

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