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Friday 20 May 2016

Help! My Parents are Threatening to Disown Me Because of NYSC - Young Man Shares Stunning Story

A young man who is obviously going through tough times over his delayed NYSC posting, has reached out for help. The young man shared his story showing just how his parents have given him a tough time over his NYSC posting.
Below is what he wrote:
Please help me. I don't know what to do. I was supposed to go to youth service with the first batch 2016 stream a around February. 
I collected money from my dad to round up some necessary things and then pay some outstanding fees that was demanded during my clearance. 
I assured my dad that I will be leaving for camp by February but NYSC postponed the date to march and from march to April. They sent me a text informing me that I will not be joining the stream 1 but will go with stream 2. 
My parents started feeling bad because they cant understand why I was still at home by May when I guaranteed them while I was collecting money that I will go by February. I have called everybody I know to help me explain to them that it was not my fault but they don't believe me. 
I don't blame them because they had a bitter experience with my elder brother who wasted 4 good years at EBSU collecting money from them when he wasn't even a student. When it was time for him to graduate, he started telling a lot of cock and bull stories until my mum and dad went to Abakaliki and discovered that he wasn't even a student. That is why they are reacting this way to me. They think I may be trying the same prank. 
Worse is that these  postponements are not been updated on the NYSC website or published in any paper or news house so my dad could confirm that I wasn't just trying to play a fast one on them. 
Imagine my happiness when I received an SMS last week to go and print my callup. I printed it and went home happily to show them so they will know I wasn't lying that I have graduated. The callup letter enabled me collect money from my dad and went to the market on Monday and bought things that I will use to report on camp on 21st being Saturday only for me to woke up this morning and saw another SMS from NYSC telling us that the 21st May (this Saturday) day has been postponed again.
I couldn't hold back the tears. I showed my mum when she woke up and she screamed and started accusing me of being up to something. Worse is that my friend who lives in our compound was deployed with stream 1 and they were using her deployment as proof that i never graduated. 
My father beat me up this morning and the whole compound people gathered. I had to run away because even my mum supported him.
Please, what do I do?

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