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Tuesday 10 May 2016

Homeless man jailed for stealing a $6.99 Mother's Day card

A 56 year old homeless man, Oswald Jones, from New York who wanted to celebrate Mother's day by giving his mum a card was  has been arrested 92 times was jailed again - this time because he wanted to show his mom how arrested  when hewas caught stealing a blue and white sparkly $6.99 Mother's Day card from Jay's Hallmark shop inside Port Authority Bus Terminal, Manhattan on Saturday afternoon.

The card simply read : 'You've been a lifesaver more than you know'.
Jones, took the card, hid it inisde a clear plastic bag that he had with him and tried to walk away with it from the store without paying for it.
Store workers caught him with the card - which is the only thing he took -and contacted the manager.
The manager told him he would let him go if he gave the card back, but Jones refused, telling the manager to let him leave with the card because it wasn't expensive and he needed to give it to his mum for mother's day.
The manager insisted that he couldn't keep it, this got Jones upset so he started shouting curse words at the manager.

The police were called and Jones was arrested and taken into custody, where he was later overheard saying 'I really love my mom'.

Jones was charged with petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen property and was released on Sunday after he spent a night in jail.

According to public records, Jones has been arrested 92 times which included 13 felonies but most arrests, which dates back to 1989 were for minor infractions, such as public drinking or turnstile jumping.

Source: New York Post

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