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Friday 6 May 2016

How 3 Bodies Of Murdered Naval Officers Were Found Floating on Waterway in Bayelsa

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Some members of the Nigerian Navy who were allegedly murdered by militants have been found in Bayelsa State. The bodies of the three naval ratings killed by suspected militants at a wellhead in Nembe creek, Nembe local government area, Bayelsa state, have been recovered.
According to Leadership, bodies of unidentified employee of an oil firm, ICEO, and an assistant boat driver who were victims of the attack were also retrieved.
The decomposed bodies, which were said to have floated along the Brass waterways, were reportedly found by a search team of naval personnel.
Four naval ratings attached to the oil servicing company, were killed on Tuesday morning following an ambush by suspected militants at the Nembe creeks.
A senior employee of the firm and his wife identified simply as Mercy were among persons reportedly gunned down by the marauding gunmen.
Mercy, who accompanied her husband on inspection tour of a wellhead supplying crude oil to Nembe flow station was killed on the spot in the attack described by security sources as brutal.
It was gathered, yesterday, that a search team found three bodies out of the four naval ratings, who were initially declared missing.
A security source who spoke in confidence said the gunmen after killing the woman, shot all the occupants of the boat and pushed them into the water.
He said the operator of the ill-fated boat survived the attack, while his assistant and the senior employee were found dead.
He said the militants later removed the boat’s outboard engine and carted away the rifles and other ammunition of the ratings.
“Militants in the Niger Delta region have regrouped. The resurgence of terrorism in the region started immediately a known ex-militant leader was declared wanted by the Federal Government.

“Security personnel in the region are the main targets because these militants have cravings for their arms. They kill security agents and collect their arms and other ammunition. They are now stockpiling them possibly for major onslaughts.

“The recent attack on the naval ratings was the most brutal. Something must be done fast because the region is fast degenerating into a war zone,” he said.

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