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Saturday 7 May 2016

I am Afraid! After Sleeping with My Pastor, He Said It's My Destiny to Love S*x

A girl addicted to s*x has cried out for help after her pastor she slept with revealed that it is her destiny to love s*x. But, she wants to stop the addiction. What should she do? This is a girl's dilemma shared on social media by Break_or_ makeup. She hopes someone would help her overcome this peculiar predicament.
Dear readers,
My story is very simple, I was born a slut, I can't do without a d*ck and I love different types an sizes.
I started this s*x thing when I was 16 years and am use to it .
I am not a prostitute cause am from a very wealthy home and money is the least of my problem, I just love s*x to stupor, my pastor said I was born like that after he slept with me , he said its my destiny to love s*x .
My fear now is that am getting married next month and I know I will sleep around, but because I have an innocent and smallish body people don't know what I can do .
Can I really stop sleeping around? My mum did it, so did my grand mum , and great grand mum, so it's a generational thing. 
My mum Married 8 different men and still divorced all of them , leaving with a small boy of 21 years.
How do I do this??? Is sleeping around really someone's destiny??

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