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Thursday 19 May 2016

Jealous Boyfriend Brutally Attack and Drown Lover to Death for Ending Relationship (Photo)

Desmond Thomas brutally murdered Laura Holden
A man who could not bear to see his girlfriend be happy with another man has done an unthinkable thing to stop her. A heartless boyfriend who viciously attacked his partner then drowned her in the bath after she said she was leaving him has been handed a befitting sentence.
It was gathered that Desmond Thomas, 51, murdered Laura Holden, 35, before trying to take his own life after becoming jealous that the woman was living him for another man.
Birmingham Crown Court heard that Thomas carried out the brutal assault on his partner of 19 years while their young son, aged 9, listened downstairs at Laura's home. 
It was revealed that Laura who was in an on-off relationship with the accused, had wanted to end it all before the brutal incident that claimed her life. However, Thomas refused to accept that their relationship was over. So, he killed her.
After committing the murder, Thomas told the couple's son not to go in the bathroom. He rang his sister but couldn't get through so he ran to a nearby relative for help.
Thomas was found nearby shortly after having attempted suicide. He was taken to hospital and then into custody.
Thomas was yesterday sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to Laura's murder on August 3 last year.

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