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Friday 13 May 2016

Jussie Smollet was reportedly fired from Empire because he wanted more money

At least that's what MediaTakeOut is claiming. Jussie Smollet announced yesterday that his time on the hit show is done a day after he took a bullet for his dad in the show and people have been wondering why he's leaving. Read what MT O claims happened after the cut..
What happened? Well Jussie and his reps tried to get GREEDY, according to an insider who works with the show. The insider explained, "Terrence [Howard] and Taraji [Henson] are the stars of the show, and they are going to be paid as stars. But the rest aren't going to make huge sums from the show."

As MediaTakeOut.com reported LAST SEASON, Taraji ad Terrence Howard threatened to PULLOUT of Empire when they didn't get a raise. But MediaTakeOut.com's insider explained how FOX managed to get Taraji and Terrence to return. The insider explained, "the contracts were set, so there was nothing that FOX could do to give [Terrence and Taraji] more money. So instead, they did all those one off specials that [the two stars] hosted, and got them paid that way."
Jussie wasn't given the same opportunities - so he was NOT getting paid like a star on the hottest show on television.

MediaTakeOut.com's snitch continued, "Jussie wasn't asking for way too much money - just a nice raise. But the people at FOX were like no,there was no money left in the budget."
Last night Jussie announced that he is leaving the show.

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