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Wednesday 18 May 2016

Late Mrs Ronke Shonde & Mr Kayode Oluokun's relationship with Learn Africa PLC

Read the press statement below..
The company has found it necessary to issue this press release concerning the continued inclusion of our company’s name in the circumstances surrounding the death of Mrs.Ronke Shonde (a former staff). This is to bring it to the attention of the general public that Late Mrs Shonde and Mr Kayode Oluokun were former employees of Learn Africa Plc. However, as at the time of Mrs Shonde’s unfortunate death, they had both ceased to be staff of Learn Africa Plc since the 8th and 10th of March 2016 respectively.
During the period of their employment, the management is not in a position to confirm or deny the existence of any relationship between these former employees in any other capacity other than as colleagues.

We have found it necessary to issue this press release to put to rest the incessant mentioning of our company’s name in the alleged unfortunate circumstances surrounding the death of MrsShonde. For the avoidance of doubt or any ambiguity, we wish to reiterate that there is absolutely no nexus between their former status as employees of the company and the circumstances of MrsShonde’s death.

The company will hereby call on journalists, writers and other persons intending to write about the incident to refrain from including the name of our company in the story as any further publication in which our company’s name is mentioned in connection with the unfortunate event will be closely scrutinized and appropriate legal steps will be initiated to protect our hard earned reputation.

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