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Monday 9 May 2016

Man Narrowly Escapes Death as Strange Snake Creeps into His House (Photos)

The snake in question
A Nigerian man has shared a startling story of how a very poisonous snake invaded his home which he later killed out of sheer luck. A man has recounted how a long snake crept into his home before he later killed it. Read the interesting story of the person below:
"I was lucky to have escaped the bite of this crawling creature earlier this morning.
I went to urinate around 3am and saw this snake on my window, my saving grace was that there is light all thru d nite. It could hv bn straight to my face bcus I wouldn't hv seen it or envisaged it was there.
I later noticed that it came through the garden behind my apartment and then follow the plantain leaves that I didn't noticed was placing on the wall close to my toilet window, it still managed to enter upon the glass was closed"
According to the man, he later killed the snake and displayed the pictures online to caution social media users about vigilance.
See more photos:

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